Four Great Solos – George Duke

There’s nothing quite like a good synth solo to get the blood racing, and one of my favourite proponents of such things is the incredible George Duke. The man had chops, as they say; acceptable to jazzers, but there are enough soulful blues in his lines to appeal to the non-connoisseur. Not to mention the… Continue reading Four Great Solos – George Duke

Short Takes – The Nightfly

Short Takes – The Nightfly – Donald Fagen (1982) What more can be said about this much celebrated album? Probably not a huge amount, save for my own personal reflections and memories. The Nightfly holds a particularly mythic place in my life, and is ingrained so deeply into my personality that is impossible for me… Continue reading Short Takes – The Nightfly

Song for the Gatekeepers

I am of the generation that has experienced possibly the largest changes in the way we consume media, in particular music in its recorded form.  As a ‘Gen Xer’, I have had the privilege to travel from the end of the vinyl era, through tapes to the false utopia of CDs, the wild west of… Continue reading Song for the Gatekeepers